A Spring Review
Spring 2021

End of semester solo installation at MEDICI Gallery at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE.

“I want to work on developing this type of ‘typical’ artist statement, one that addresses my practice as a whole and helps the viewer enter/access the work, understand what I am asking of the them as viewer, without directing them explicitly, setting limitations, or demystifying the experience. I want the statement to tell the viewer what station to turn their radio to, so that the static isn’t so loud that it drowns out the song, but I don’t want to hand them the lyrics. Perhaps that is why I like using poems as artist statements. They do some of the contextualizing that we expect of artist statements, but they also introduce more muddiness, allude to new questions, associations and oblivions. The poems are art pieces themselves and will appear in various forms in my thesis. I want my statement to describe my practice; the artists in my cannon, the writers/thinkers, styles, genres and movements I identify with, the themes and concepts that appear most frequently. The materials and mediums I work in, have worked with, or plan to work with.” 

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Allison Arkush