She’s Not Done

Solo installation at MEDICI Gallery at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE (Dec 8-15, 2019)

She’s Not Done: “It’s hard but you can do it,” she tries to convince herself. Tries to push the anxiety that blocks her throat back down into her stomach. Mentally wringing her hands while they write another To Do list. And she’s still in bed, shirt cold with last night’s sweat. What is missing?

When you are a perfectionist there is always something missing. Any praise passes in one ear out the other. While the imagined criticism, the fruitions frustrated, the should- haves... they tattoo themselves inside your eyelids and under your nail beds. No matter how short you bite them they always grow back. And she will always remember the things that didn’t get done. Self compassion is a myth, extinct as the prairie grass.

︎ Statement

Allison Arkush